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Dwarf Blood Bowl team - Iron Golems

There was a superb looking dwarf team being crowd funded on, sculpted by the incredibly talented Pedro Ramos, back in October 2015, which I eventually received I think around March 2016.
There were a wealth of single-cast miniatures to paint, and not just players, but backroom staff and stars, as well as a unique Death Roller model - just 24 models! I started with applying the undercoat and basecoat, and then set about painting the fleshy areas while I considered the team kit colours. However, it was too daunting for me to paint all 24 models in one go, especially ones with so much rich detail. Instead, I focussed on a test lineman (blocker) to see if I liked the scheme. As you can see, I went with a mainly blue theme, with a light-grey lycra style on the arms, with a white trim; In fact, the white trim was a new challenge for me... trying to tone down the bright white by repainting with a very light grey and then highlighted in white which seemed to do the trick.
I part…

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