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Grey Knights - Part Two - Further progress

I've been smitten by the Grey Knight characters that I've painted so far (see Part One). I'd had a taster from delving into the Terminator/Paladin kit box too. I still had a metal Librarian to paint, with one Made-to-Order (delayed by Covid) from Games Workshop coming at some point too. I was searching for a Chaplain, but I did manage to get a great deal on a rare 'store-opening' miniature from eBay. There were a couple of Paladin boxes and a Nemesis Dreadknight in the cupboard too (Christmas present - thank you Mrs!). So as you can see, there was plenty still to do... but I was reassured that I already had some practise under my belt.Librarian I picked the next most interesting miniature, and the Librarian stood out. There were a few 'firsts' on this miniature for me. The plasma weapon was great to do and enjoyable to learn as I went along with the bright plasma light splashing on to the purity seal and nearby areas of the gun. I don't think it was too …

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