Eldar Army - Warhammer 40K

Similarly to my recent 'Dark Angels army' post, I also unboxed my Eldar army I started collecting around University time.  Why another army? Simple really, my mate at Uni (1995-98) had a Space Wolves army and Space Marines vs Space Marines would be dull!

As you can see, there are more unpainted miniatures then completed ones, but I do particularly like the Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions. Each Aspect unit has an Exarch to accompany them, but the Scorpions also have the backing of a Phoenix Lord - Karandras;

Just like the Dark Angel army I will definitely sort out the bases because goblin green is soooo dull. Similarly to the High Elf army post, I might well do a different type/texture base for each unit.

I obviously took more time over the Farseer and Warlock shown below, and for the time (20+ years ago) I like the bluish hue I gave to the Dark Reapers.

I rushed the Wraith Guard, but I quite like the start of the colour scheme I picked. That's also a very early Wraith Lord miniature too... I pinned the missile launcher so it rotated on a hinge, no idea why... perhaps I thought I could interchange other weapons... weird... I don't have any other weapons! Lurking in the back of the shot are a squad of Guardians and my other Phoenix Lord - Jain Zar who is in desperate need of a lick of paint.

I bought a few Harlequin miniatures too as part of a wandering troupe. Apart from the lead Harlequin with the sword, the others need a fair bit of work to reflect their kaleidoscopic dazzling image. I also made a good effort on the Avatar - of all the miniatures I really want to complete that will be the one from this army... It is a God after all!! You can also blurrily see a squad of unpainted Scouts... obviously their camo-cloaks are hiding them from your view!

I took a close up of some of the more choice miniatures from the army. Overall, not bad at all for a teenager with no painting experience or artistic bone in his body! I like to think I've improved a little bit since then though :)

Hope you enjoyed a few snaps of my trip down memory lane...


  1. Brilliant! Love the Wraith Lord...

  2. about the same time - mid 90's me and my mate got into 40k. but we played epic with the second rules - i was manly space wolves with heavy stuff from IG. He was always Eldar and cheated a lot with certain rules - but he did love painting them . I painted simpler than he did but he like you got all the colours etc looking great


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